God entered my body, and showed millions of visions!

the united states prophecy service

Jesus showed me in visions spirits that looked like people and they said: 4-7-8-2011-thats pope, like cat, its om the beast, he, said, with, its partial God said, silhouette, face, with its, o vladimir, agin, hollie fleas, said, his face, beast, it appeared, hollie said, with seven heads and ten horns, thats, pope climbing up, its steps, no it aint, isnt, hollie said, thats many kings appearing, and, dragon turns, red, its mexican president smiling but showing no, thats, fidel castrol looking stout, thats, castrol signing deal with medvedev, me he said, theres, putin looking to hintao, i'm the, your other beast hintao said, thats, hintao, put it there, showing kings with, he looked at, theres, castrol and, smiling but dreading hugo, and lula looking stout, he said, thats captain hollie, like, round head, he hollie, surfacing, its akula class, in, cuban and mexican and nicaraguan waters, thats, nicaraguan president looking stout, its a shower, thats missiles sailing, hollie and Jesus on one, angel and babyfleas on another, thats, near that, pointed hand, but hollie not seen, but she, appeared, and, texas errupted into fire, in surrounding areas, hollie saw all of america, thats both coasts burning, and, many states with nuclear fireballs, thats barack obama pressing, its nuclear controls, thats, its massive, hollie said, nuclear fire, in, its near moscow, and many smaller ones, thats three captain hollies, its akula class, hollie said, thats what you want, needed, she said, but, thats, its, nuclear n.a.t.o., thats four vanguard class submarines, with, their, captain, hollie, showering russia, exploded, but britain exploded, thats australia on fire, but missiles, two leaving there, hollie said, thats fires in moscow, hey hollie said, thats one sailing over, its from aussie hollie said, striking, its hugo chavez, theres brazil exploding to, theres three nuclear fires in, its cuba, and nicaragua burning, thats, its massive hollie said, in africa, fire, but, missiles leaving there, striking, hey, hollie said, she watching, where did they go, one struck america and one struck, hey its, soaring hollie said, thats, west coast exploding, hey hollie said, its, france burning, but theres two french nuclear submarines, with captain hollie, its, they shower, hollie said, thats many fires along russian coast, thats whole world shaking, world has face, thats world sitting at, its, Gods interviewing table hollie said, i'm said sun, smoke went up, and, thats sun and moon appearing, i'm said, moon, both being blocked, its, were abased, said, moon, had hands, go ahead, said, its, angel, hollie said, appearing, but Gods hammer appeared like blue hollie, thats her holding sign, wearing, its white hat, hey give me, money she said, to, buy uh church, building, sign said, thats people giving, but bob counts money at end of day, its thousand, they you told me said, frustrated looking nicole green, thats henzy letting her know, its o.k., bob wont mess with, its, they want you out, hollie said, you will get big cause things you do said Jesus, thats bob going to events, wearing, its uh said hollie, she came in, started changing to hammer hollie, blue, bob wearing red sweatshirt, and partail white hat, at events, to gain, popularity, thats bob giving speech, its, anti ralleyes, God said, and thats bob on news, them interviewing, him laughing, louisville, said, the fingers, and he saw, said, casey, thats, hollie with, hat on but top missing, red sweatshirt, red sweatshirt, brown pants, make uh wish, hollie said, thats leonard scott shaking, yes, gets excited, but go slow hollie said, two gasolines hollie said, thats aamoco with explosion massive, thats speedways fuels, explosion less, buy aamoco hollie said, its more gasoline, thats hollie putting chemical in speedway gas, aamoco doesnt use, hollie showed, its, the prophecies center, like happy angel, im the prophecies center, hollie said, thats, gonna start gitton hits, its massive hollie said, hollie went to angel, we didnt neglect ya, bob looked at site and couldnt believe, its almost desolate, hollie said, but thats the prophecies center angel like, hollie looked, its, theres blue she said, but mostly white face, i'm the angel, the prophecies center angel said, thats Jesus speaking, call it the prophecies center, hollie said, actually its, prophecies center, i'm, its the angel, the prophecies center said, angel went to Gods interviewing table, raised hand, then placed, on, its your book, angel said, with two tone face but colors changed, its from mostly white and blue to mostly white and dengy dull color hollie said, whats your name, hollie said, angel looked around, the prophecies center, he said, but kind of shrugged and put hand on holy bible, hollie looked at angel, prophecies center Jesus said, for angel, its the, thou God said, angel got happy, agreed, shook yes then, left, face, went mostly silhouette, thats hollie walking at, its new wineskin ministries, uh little heavier this time, wearing, its uh plad coat, bobby om screamin for this reason hollie said, screamed, held up sign, wore, its uh red sweat-shirt, and partial hat, donate for church, sign said, go home said, it hollie, hollie explained, like lissa, hollie showed, the life style lift, its exercising facial muscles, it works, look at that, hollie looked young, again, wore, its uh red sweatshirt, but turned into, its Gods, him, hollie said, hammer again, hollie showed, turn both ways, bob she said, showed, pointed up, Jesus came like happy God, thats world below, i'm world said, thru open mouth, it shook, thats countries errupting, into fire, its on the day of the Lord, put it on that, hollie said, its the prophecies center angel appearing like hard to describe angel, mouth open, theres colors in, face not all the way seen, i'm, someone said, hey hollie said, thats her drinking beer, bobby your in danger, it angel, hollie, said, bub, he said, but face went silhouette, angel held up sign, donate money to buy church, people will, but, thats hollie pocketing, I dont want that vision thats what your showin hollie said with lighted silhouette face, hollie, showed, its take off, its exactpages, thats exactpages ministry of dreams angel, appearing with lighted silhouette face, but unhappy face appeared, dont angel said, but hollie did anyway, laughed, wore, hat with no top and, its, unbuttoned, plad coat, white tee shirt, hollie smoked tires, its, 2011 boss 302 mustang, there sharp she said, showed, wearing, its uh topless hat and unbuttoned plad blue shirt, and its, white tee-shirt, thats hollie like shipmate saluting, its on board the, r.m.s. titanic, captain smith appeared, thats his ship again said holliefleas, the m.v. wilhelm gustloff ship, rising and sinking, thats two, its, massive God said, explosions along side, theres, s.s. lusitania, starting to sink, major explosion, hollie showed, shut up, thats r.m.s. britannic, with, its major explosion, its mine, she said, put, its uh big hole, thats hollie measuring hole, almost twleve feet, she said, happy hollie said, wearing, its golden lighted topless hat, unbuttoned blue plad shirt, white tee shirt, hollie showed, turn, wore, its uh blue unbuttoned plad shirt and white tee shirt, no, said, hollie, shook, wore same clothes as last time, ate, its white castle hamburger, semi dull golden face, boo chanted, said he hollie, wearing same clothes, as, its her, she said, many he hollies chanted boo, they were on hill, but lighted she hollie there also, turned normal, hollie screamin for this reason, showed, lay down, same clothes again, hollie skinned, hollie showed, in the wood, cause when they hit israel, said, its Jesus, and he saw, it, hollie said, showed lay down, israel exploded, its uh missile coming from that, hollie said, the angel putin , 10-15-2011-no, hollie said, did convey, showed, i'm away, thru, but shook, yes, hollie showed, its ministry of dreams, oh angel said, sadly, bob your giving it away hollie said, thats people looking and its trembling, hey theres God woman said, thats hollie with Jesus inside, thats people now finding, out, hey, thats God inside him, I see it, its I persecute Jesus said, thats bobs face being ruint, hollie pointed, God coming after with fury, and now bob exposing, bob your perfect hollie showed, told to go home, clean up, thats many looking at bob, Jesus now is sad cause he knows, thats, sh, raise your hands and repeat after me hollie said, its, satan, but he looked like the Father and was, the Father, laughing, thats, people finding out, God is inside bob and bob now exposing harder and harder, thats today and same facebook angel appearing, not pleased, over two thousand today find out plus, its fifty on internet, now that is Jesus now somewhat changing, hes, raise your hands and repeat after me, thats many people, its ministryofdreams angel appearing, hes white man, like, not saying much but kind of wondering, people bob are looking and knowing now, thats them telling, its people in churches, God is inside ministryofdreams, bob tomorrow, hollie said, go to church and mow lawn, hollie showed, fix this, its broken window or they wont buy and you will, but not want to, it will cost you, hollie thought, look at that, just over one thousand dollars, sell church, thats bob and janette in bed again, janette happy, smiling, cuddled up, bob wishes, again, thats, hollie taking bath, opening mouth, hey, fleas, comes out, pointing, theres white in her mouth, fleas pointed down, like on top of head, gray was there but disappeared, its, new angel appearing but not looking straight at, but, it was bluish angel like light form, it, showed, its i'm the beast, but pope, round head, pointy white head, robe, changed back into hollie, laughing, o'h my God woman said, watching, its your on, thats joy behar wanting bob, now hes famous, thats them having fun, its enjoy you, look at that, hollie said, its chatroom ministryofdreams, thats hollie with Jesus inside, showing, its both beasts, theres, pope with, dark hair and its hu hintao, I tell you what I want, pope said to medvedev, its, deal, he said, signs, putin came out of, its pontey, there you have it hollie said, you see these kings she said, they shall rise in persia, then its the ram, hollie said, hegoat pontey, appeared, thats goathorns, with, them kings coming out, but pontey started laughing, hollie pointed turn, bobby hollie said, its, see that paypal, God said, thats paypal like angel coming out, bob put in sights God said, you will make millions, thats bob showing, money, heres you loot hollie said, thats its, hollie said, its angel appearing, forming, let me show you angel said, thats people stunned and looking, hollie showed, turn, thats, its, pope, hollie said, in the fire, its caregiver like round head, pointy hat, showing, eating, hollie points, red lips, leave the chatroom alone, thats what hollie showed, she said, two hollies said, jumpy hollie came out, golden monkey lips, but hey a she one one said, changed into him, looking stunned, red sweatshirt on, brown pants, bushy hair, hi bob, said its hollie with nice hair but hair missing, like long pig like nose, hey, hollie said, its, the a/c, she said, angel coming out, showed, i'm fixed, dont bother, white hand, round head, when, hollie said, driving her tank, ducked, Ghost like Father shot by, changing colors, but, same, but another, hollie came out, pointing, light finger, its, was that him in tank, stuck head out, was, but face somewhat, out, not formed, yet, thats the tap dancers hollie said, hollie and, its others, theres pope, hintao, you see these two, hollie, said, these are both beasts, its i am God, its, pontey did say hollie and God said, hollie spoke but didnt, she, thats her being informed, dont speak, Jesus said, heres why, let jackie, I scream for his reason, hollie said, screamed again, but wait, she said, was, going to scream but didnt, and, i showed, you that, she said, she kind of went burgundy hollie, beak formed, on, burgundy sweatshirt, hey, another, hollie said, its he, him, he hollie, coming out, pointing, bushy hair, she was only partially seen, hollie showed, lay down, showed, its filo beddo, thats him in real life, fighting, its jack wilson, its even draw, hollie said, both same, 2-20-2012-bob hollie said, its leonard scott, hollie, thought, hes fun, like him, appreciate, hes dentist, thats him working on a patient, its, not charge, he said, they, wont give, hollie said, but thats him, happy looking, shaking yes, but hurting in heart, bob go there, but with janette, thats, you and her, together, hollie held up her banner, thats, hollie with Jesus inside, another, hollie showed, eat, raise your hands and repeat after me, hollie sang, and I stamp, she said, its, new world order carriage coming out and, thats, pope like angel on one side, hu hintao on red side, you see hollie said, these are angred, its, pulled by black and red horses, hollie got with, but, Gods old hammo rose, hes like angelic bug head, white light man, hollie slaps his face, sucked his thumb, had like blanket, like linus, but she hollie, comes out, his face not formed well, she said, burgundy sweatshirt on, but Gods old hammo appeared, hes bug head, hollie said, went from blue to light, had some hair, but only like outline, hollie sat, on, its mokse, doreen and hollie said, kristina reappeared, hollie wore dress, she, its, on, top of, its old hollie said, willie duncans church but now sits empty, birds fly thru, its uh submarine, hollie said, waves, three, its, akula class, hollie showed, its, what you want, needed, she wore dress, clapped, leaped, dress was white but had like golden streaks in with light color to, she said, jumpy hollie said, leaping, another, hollies records but face, not formed yet, jumpy, hollie touched hands on feet as leaping, dress on, theres bears in border, one, lit up, turned dull brown, but happy, now its, im uh bear, the bear said, and office live ministryofdreams hammo appeared, like bug head angel, but hollie thought, showed, colors kept changing, boo hum, hollie said, dark cloud appeared, its over, him, in light, she said, many, him, its, one had blue sweatshirt on, long nose, grew, happy, head looking to side, tear up, its hollie, showed, snapping fingers, bob, do something, she said, quit, thats bob just sitting but looking young again, bob Im going to do it God said, moving hands, stomping foot, hollie comes out, hey, theres a bear, hollie said, its like bear, showing, tear up, lay down, she was happy, whats the reason, hollie said, looked real real quick, its that, stamps, hollie, beat hand, rest appeared, she showed, eat something, another screamed, it was round, head, new world order apostolic church angel appearing, hollie put sign back on building, hollie showed, lay down, white hazy face, she wiped,