God entered my body, and showed millions of visions!

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rapture time-vision received 5-3-2010-in this vision I saw Jesus and he had brown hair and pointed, and said, "you", and he was on like two mountains or one mountain that split in two, light mountains.<p> (16)iraq war will end nuclear-visions received 1-1-2006-God has showed me in a vision a spirit that looked like president bush wants iraq to be newed commitment of nuke, we want their oil says him, put it under, lookout iraq, and macaulay pointed, culkin, and that is, the palestinian state will be destroyed, EZEKIEL 7 be fulfilled, they want, iraq, america, out, not, says, bush.<BR>visions of coming judgment to america-visions received 7-10-?-2010-in one vision I saw hollie and I saw like animated america, some or all and I saw like animated nuclear fire come up from, and in the other, I saw hollie and she may have said, "bob", and I saw many nuclear fires in u.s.a., and it was like animation.<BR>seventh day adventist church in indianapolis-vision received 7-10-2010-in this vision I saw hollie at the door of the s.a. church in indy, and she showed me to leave, and I did, so now I post, and in another, hollie explained, and I'm going by memory, "you see this people", "they are like that', and I saw a circle made up of hands holding each other, and I saw hollie, and she got in middle, and on side s, but will not become part of their deal, or.<BR>footing-vision received 7-2010-in this vision I saw like an animated foot, and it went into a womans uterus, which is all of her I saw.<P>
(12)visions-vision recieved 7-25-2008-in vision I saw hollie and she showed record.

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