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the day of prophecy

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  • <BR>()angel cop-vision received about 11-7-2009-in this vision, I saw a white faced angel wearing a cops uniform.<BR>(15)the shaky natural gas deal from russia to ukraine -visions received 1-1-2006-God has showed me in a vision a spirit that looked people and they said:  russia, have, enough, natural, gas, to, supply, ukraine, with, mercy, but, they, want, monopoly, and that, china is, needing, and, will, pay, ukraine will loose one third of thier natural gas because of this, put, put yushchenko in russia is delayed because of this, or, not, that, is, russia wanted, 230 per 1000 cubic meters of gas, they use to sell for 50 per 1000 meters of natural gas, fool, that is, weaken, economic collapse is here said yuchenko, put it under, you don't want this to happen pray about it, and, well I got new, russia, will, not, back, this is, punishment, for, Yushchenko wants, power, over, the people of ukraine, no, bring back the soviet union, no, yeas, that is, got it, this is, am I under punishment yushchenko  thought, he, does not, russia will, not, tolerate, ukraine, but, ukraine has, nuclear, missiles, and that, is, from, the soviet union, 13 of um, and that, 10 warheads each, we got em, said, Yushchenko, and that, would, that would destroy russia and china, satan 18, the big missile, good bye, its secret, not, mexico, russia will put nuclear weapons in mexico, called, nuke, clear, submarines, there, not, yet, but, Yushchenko is no vladimir putins freind, but, they, will, its starting, sell to, china, and that, more, gas station, buy, food, you better work while it is day, your making me jelous Yushchenko said, stop it, he, knows, they want, more, for, the, same, why, not, said, country, said, putin, why not said, putin, ukraine will not ahve the money to pay, this is how you buy, dvd's, if money is your master, bobby, this is how God will, bring, an open door, to, the, Gos, Gospel, real cute, mercy, that is what, this, use yur time wisely, yushenko is, mad, at, putin, over, this, and that, is, why, they will, hate, one, another, but, they, will, not, have, reached, get ready to go home, it could happen to america, it will, called, venezuela, they, won't, because, they, know, america is keeping peace, and that, is, dwindeling, and that,  and that, is, get ready fro a holoaust, us, and that is, america will be, attacked when you least expect it, I'm cut off, and that, is, michael boldea and prophet gene schmidt and you don't beleive it, can bobby come said michael boldea, my answer, he, did, struggle, with, go, and put it under, why does he struggle, devils, that is, expected, they want to get ukraine to pay way more than its worth to bankrupt them, absorb said, putin, and that, is, emminient, a hallelujah man, pope pope benedict xvI is, not cared for ukraine.<BR>(<BR>Jesus showed me in visions spirits that looked like people and they said:
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