God entered my body, and showed millions of visions!

most prophecy definate

(1)vision of Jesus-visions received 11-2009-in vision I saw the head of Jesus, and he had brown hair, and he said things like, "burn".<BR>(17)economic collapse coming to united states-visions received 1-1-2006-God has showed me in a vision a spirit that looked like people and they said: democrats want, the federal budget to shrink, but, bush wants economic collapse, look at what he's doing, he does'nt realise it, o yes he does, bush wants, competative, america, but, high, oil, and that will, stop, put it under, bush wants, git out of here, america would be better off, economic collapse comign when you least expect it, no mercy, and that is when, russia is the beast with 7 heads and 10 horns, whens the economic collapse coming, and that, is, when, russia will, hit, now let me see, strike, america.<BR> Jesus showed me in visions spirits that looked like people and they said: 4-10-2011-dont you want me bob, said it hollie, another hollie said, Jesus said, put it under, hollie said, im the beast, said it ponpoff, hollie said, God said, showed bobby lay down, its in van hollie said, let me alone, it, another hollie said, God said, she wore uh, white topless hat, man you dress loose, she said, hollie appeared, showed, her, brown hair, showed, its, the, hand agin that shows, theres hollie in dome, in hand, and hand showed, you did not need him, its, hollie showed, its he hollie in with orange hair, hollie is screamy she said, screamed again but not heard, turned head God said, hollie showed, eat, whew its good she said, pizza, hollie showed, dont want no more, she said, another hollie, said, wearing its red sweatshirt, white topless hat, but Gods hammer hollie appears like blue he hollie, but another, appeared, not happy, no said hollie, showed, away, wore, its uh red sweatshirt, but Gods hammer hollie appears, hollie showed, its, technics sa-5570, it makes hollie thought, spoke with Jesus, 100 watts per channel, its excellent she said, hollie showed, its old ponderosa restaraunt, hollie had big dark hands, bob, wants to use as church, thats bob preaching at, thats tap dancing hollies, its pope she said, wearing brown suit, appears with, bad economy is out, hollie said, as people ran, its, they loot, hollie said, angel appeared right there with, but face like, bald, round head, semi dull gold, had red plad coat on, its, government shutdown, barack claimed, hollie and God said, leave it alone, hollie said, screamy, showed, its uh cavilier, she said, got in, spun front tire, hollie showed, lets do something, that, hollie said, its pope appearing like angel cat man, wearing, its uh brown suit but scene changes, to, its blue hollie appearing, bobby dont go back to that library agin, hollie said, explained, like lissa, man, hollie said, tried to get window down, thats her sitting at, its computer, checking, it out, how do you get them to work when they wont, bobby there aint no radio shack no more, he said, that was jumpy hollie, its angel, she was happy but face went monkey, hollie had the, its old, realistic sta-2100d stereo receiver, and power meters moved, they made those when the economy was prosperous but now its over and thats beast pope rising wearing his brown suit, hollie showed, turn, like lighted hollie, what are you doin, hollie said, showed, bob take visions off one and putting another, its not needed hollie said, use fresh hollie showed, thats, prophecy.exactpages ministry of dreams angel like light angel man becoming unhappy, angel had banner, i'm ministry of dreams, angel said, shook yes, hollie spoke with angel, wearing red plad coat, had nice long brown hair, thats hollie with nice hair appearing, dengy white potatoe sack like robe, and hair short, its brown, she went to Gods intereviewing table, changed, but doesnt care what she wears, bobby lets just do the part, she said, scene closes, with hands clap, but reopens, as new hollie with nice hair shows, its whole new world order, bobby said, angel and hollie, hollies screamin for this reason, showed, lay down, screamed again, its, boo, they chanted, the booing ministering spirits said, its, he hollies and lighted she hollie there but turned into, its him, wearing maids clothes, hollie showed, turn, like new hollie, your in danger, hollie said, and, unhappy prophecy dot exactpages website like silhouette face showed, broke, had pants, on, hollie tore up, but, head not seen, but did appear, then body but first its like her skeleton, like, its tubes, hollie showed, seven round like balls, faces appeared on one, its, I am gog, pope popped out, white hands, that was president of mexico poppping out of, head, he looked happy, no he said, dont, to, medvedev, lula pops out looking stout like castrol, lets put it there, castrol said, they sign deal, hollie showed sleep, hollie drank the coffee wearing, its uh white plad, coat, bob said, it hollie, showed, unhappy pope, she said sleep, jumpy hollie showed,   -


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    3-3-2009-call it world prophecy center said the world prophecy center website as it turned, hollie shows nothing, appears, again, I need you to record, said, hollie, hollie showed sleep, hollie showed, the preacher man, its uh, sh, said, hollie, doll that talks, hollie, appears, thats uh submarine, said, hollie, look, thats hollie, in her, its akula, she said, france, hollie said, boom, italy, theres great britain, thats two, in, australia, america exploded, that, its from missiles, said, captain, hollie, in her sub, fires, its akula, she said, that, said, hollie, in, fire, smiling, happy, hollie in, sub, turned, fired, missiles, russia exploded, up rose the beast, thats angel, in, heavens, with, uh face, normal, then silhouette, in, out, smoke, rising, thats, hu, emporer of japan, slash, pope, appearing, in, heavens, casey folds scene, casey appears, hollie wants visions, showed, record, thats, pope riding black horse, russia exploded, he goes to moscow, flatter, he said, alright, said, people, they give, kingdom, that, said, hollie, beast with seven heads and ten horns, pope appears, red dragon, who are they, said, hollie, thats mexico popping out, lula, castrol, chavez, hintao, putin, he points, with lighted finger, right here, pope comes out of his, thats, kim jong, there you have it, hollie, sums it up, thats popes face in lighted head, medvedev, comes out, horns, putin, and, its, uh, said, hollie, ruling party, there you have it, thats ten kings rising out of one country, horns, 1-31-2012-turn, hollie showed, said, hollie sang, Gods hammo appeared, I make my servants hate me Jesus said, you need to record hollie said, and I stamp she said, up rose, its, angelic being that keeps chnaging, hollie thought, it went from pope to hammo to Father, like white angelic being, hollie showed, its mercury capri like angelic hollie, its seventy nine, now its boo, hollie came out, they chanted, its him, many he hollies, their on level ground, light shinned in darkness, thats black mountain in background, hollie saw, bob and janette together, they, hollie thought, will remarry, she will get his last name, heres the sign, just wait hollie showed, its, Jesus, out of my whirlwind, hollie said, showed, its light whirlwind, hollie showed, record, he, a, she one said, saw, pointed, its, battleship, only finger seen, its white, but rest appeared, hollie showed, eat, bob its you and janette fucking again, its moodie, she didnt care, moodie happy, thats, big explosion, its missile blasting from ship, its aegis hollie said, thats, Gods hammo saw, but transformed, hollie, it appeared, showed, eat something, burgundy sweatshirt on, light in mouth, hey, she said, hollie got blurry, beak started appearing, where mouth, is, bobby, hollie came out, showed, its, hollie acting like pope, hes looking sad but laughs, but knows, its your dyin, hollie said, thats bob in his coffin, Jesus, closed it up but reopens, bob, God, you caused it pointed, hollie, Jesus grunts, hollie showed, bob, its, one thousand, e-mails, tear it, up, hollie said, she looked, big, blank paper appearing, it was brown, Father there to, just, his head, like angelic, hollie thought, bob dont do, its embarassing to God, put it under, hollie, showed, sleep, but, clapped hands, got back up, showed, its the pope, no expression, no, hollie said, shook, burgundy sweatshirt on, Gods hammo sang, hollie showed signs, and hammo comes out of one, partial, only like, hollie thought, somewhat monkeys lips, hollie makes sign, hollie showed, go, he, hollie, hollie showed, its bob she said, people walking, its downtown, when library closes, its, many, she wonders, scratched head, burgundy sweatshirt on, looks kind of to side, its, if you got uh vision, then put the vision on the internet said, it, hollie, another, showed, like beak nose, its, yellow and, burgundy sweatshirt on, dark gray pants, Gods hammo sang, but, only somewhat appearing, like angelic head, thats moodie making music but, hes, wanting to change to, lighted hand showed turn, its, like orange, fire colored, its Gods hammo, wearing dark suit, tall, slendor, fire colored face, look, hollie said, thats sign, its, in bobs church yard, thats Gods hammo looking, not seeming to happy, hes white angelic being, ghost, white clothes, but different shade but hollie thought, colors changing, so is hammo, look at me, hollie said, hollie showed, turn, go, dark, lit, orange hand, but happy white face, looking to side, this is warning, hollie said, thats hand wiping lips, but, rest of, its, him, he hollie appearing, but another came out, man she said, went to speedway, got drink, but, visions not formed yet, hollie with Jesus inside appeared, it was uh dream, hollie said, claps, its, uh night vision, bob, your in a sinking ship, it rolls over, then things go black, you just wait for ship to fill with water, its just like that, hollie said, what am i screamin for, hollie said, screamed again but not heard, showed, its, lighted, image on finger, tear up, its Father like golden, changing Father, hollie showed, lay down, showed, its queen, she said, brian may, appeared, then its, freddy mercury, with out him, gone, brian may said, were nothing, thats paul rogers singing, but he doesnt sound alike, people want, its the original hollie said, put it under, theres nobody that sounded like freddy, thats, styx, now releasing signs, dennis deyoung sang, with, thats, their other two singers singing, people dont want that, hollie said, put it under, she was concerned,